Saturn V Pavilion

Houston, Texas

For over twenty-five years the entry to the Johnson Space Center was marked by the outdoor display of a Saturn V rocket. Since 2003, the spacecraft has been entombed within an opaque metal shed. Although this structure serves the functional purpose of protecting the artifact, it effectively castrates its visual and symbolic impact of the mighty rocket housed inside. The geometry of our unsolicited design proposal allows the vehicle to be seen in its entirety from the street while a series of elevated catwalks allow the vehicle to be viewed from above – a perspective never before possible.

New San Antonio City Flag

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio’s current flag features an oversized white star siting on a bifurcated field of red and blue. Within the star sits a cute little cartoon of the Alamo. The proposed redesign of the flag rearranges the same elements of the current flag to provide a more modern, dynamic composition. The fields of red and blue are no longer equally divided and the white star becomes smaller and is moved to the outside corner. The illustration of the Alamo is abstracted and instead of attempting to render the entire building, only it's iconic pediment is rendered.

World View Voyager Mission Patch*

Tucson, Arizona

World View is a space tourism company that plans to offer rides to the edge of space using large high-altitude balloons. When they sponsored a competition to design a mission patch for those making the flight, we naturally had to submit something and our entry was selected as the winner. The concept we developed illustrated the pressurized "pod" being hoisted to the threshold of space by its helium-filled balloon. Momentarily eclipsing the sunrise, the pod also frames eight stars, symbolizing the six passengers and two crewmembers aboard each flight. Even if we never make it to space, perhaps our design someday will.

*with Christian Collins / Julie Pizzo

Houston Ark*

Houston, Texas

Ever since Reliant Stadium replaced the Astrodome as the home of major league baseball and football in Houston, the city has struggled to find a use for the famous landmark. The Architect’s Newspaper sponsored a competition to design a reuse for the Eighth Wonder of the World.  We decided to propose a solution to a potential future. Assuming that rising sea levels will eventually inundate the city of Houston, we proposed retrofitting the Astrodome to act as a life raft for the city’s cultural artifacts. This project was awarded second place and was featured in The Architect's Newspaper.

*with Erica Goranson

Prentice Y

Chicago, Illinois

When it was announced that Bertrand Goldberg’s iconic Prentice Woman’s Hospital was to be demolished, the Chicago Architectural Club, AIA Chicago, and the Chicago Architecture Foundation jointly held an ideas competition to explore alternate uses for the building. We proposed using the historic structure as a base for a vast programmatic expansion that included a new downtown YMCA. Given the dimensional requirements of athletic facilities, the added functions of the Prentice Y were stacked vertically. The design took advantage of the unique views and spatial opportunities that resulted from the unusual elevated location of these activities. The full entry can be viewed here.

Fro Fab Hut*

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our proposal for a seasonal warming hut on the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg sought to leverage the unique environmental conditions of winter in that particular Canadian city.  The outer fabric skin is saturated in water and allowed to freeze into a rigid structural panel, creating a shell that protects a plush inner cocoon.  Like a fur-lined winter parka, a soft interior exists in juxtaposition to a more rigid exterior.  When seen in the landscape, the structure reads as an enigmatic artifact of the cold winter. When experienced from the inside, it acts as a warm respite from it.

*with Erica Goranson and Phil Zimmerman

Marfa edgeHouse*

Marfa, Texas

The distinct edge between the west Texas town of Marfa and the surrounding Trans-Pecos grasslands has always fascinated us and we decided to investigate this condition further in a hypothetical design for a hose that fully exploited this and other conditions unique to Marfa.  Located on a standard lot on the north edge of town, the house is compartmentalized and can be used both as a secluded cabin and as a compound to host large group events.  The form of the large roof structure is engineered to harness cool summer breezes and deflect cold winter winds while at the same time collecting what rain that falls in the Chihuahuan Desert.

*with Graham Beach and Jennifer Young