Connexa Energy Headquarters

Kendall County, Texas

For their new headquarters Connexa Energy asked us to create a strong presence for their company while keeping construction costs low. We began with a pre-engineered metal building and then carved out a flexible office space that could be reconfigured as the company grew and evolved. We designed photovoltaic panels – the company’s signature product –to be integrated into the building’s entry canopy. The building thus harvests both the rain that falls on the site as well as the sun that shines upon it.

“We were looking for a creative and unique design which required out-of-the-box thinking and HiWorks delivered.”
-Mike Postal, President

Ranch Dining Pavilion

Kerr County, Texas

A historic ranch had as its headquarters a 1930s stone lodge whose windows were small and it lacked a meaningful connection to the outdoors. We were asked to solve this issue by providing the lodge’s inhabitants with a direct way to experience the surrounding landscape. We designed a stone and concrete structure shaded by a wood-framed butterfly roof that defines an area for family gathering, grilling and dining. Materials and details of the existing lodge are incorporated into the new Pavilion. To tell the story of the client’s connection to the ranch, we worked with individual family members to create a series of concrete handprint “stones” that are incorporated into the masonry of the Pavilion.

“HiWorks has helped our family with a beautiful outdoor pavilion. Working with such a diverse group is a challenge and he handled every issue professionally and thoughtfully.”
-Family Member

Keystone School Alumni Quad*

San Antonio, Texas

Keystone grew over many years and now occupies a full block of former homes in San Antonio’s historic Monte Vista neighborhood. We were hired to develop a new vision for the school’s Central Quad. A series of workshops with students, parents, teachers and administrators, revealed functional needs that were incorporated into the quad’s aesthetic improvements. The space was terraced to act as an outdoor performance space while the historic Carriage House was transformed into a classroom and a small group study room. HiWorks worked closely with the school and the contractor to reduce the construction time to a single summer.

“HiWorks was able to transform the center of our School by retaining all that was essential about the past while also bringing out all that could be profound about the future. What once felt like the guts of our operation now looks and feels like the heart.”
-Brian Yeager, Head of School

*with Studio Balcones

TengoInternet Network Operations Center

San Antonio, Texas

TengoInternet is the largest high-speed wireless internet provider for the outdoor hospitality industry. After they purchased a dark and rather unremarkable warehouse building they hired us to develop a strategy for transforming the space into a functional modern workspace. The green and white of the company’s logo were used to create a design that has become a local landmark. Through the addition of windows, the operations floor rarely has to turn on the lights. Due to the success of the initial renovation, we were engaged to design an additional expansion of TengoInternet’s San Antonio facility.

“Our new building has created a fluid work environment that promotes seamless interactions for our support teams. It has already proven to affect our team’s productivity. It makes me proud and inspired to begin each day.”
-Chris Tibbits, Network Operations Manager

Bullhead Creek Pavilion

Real County, Texas

The owner of a ranch in one of the more rugged parts of the hill country asked us to create an outdoor pavilion that would provide his family a place to better appreciate the beauty of a spring-fed riparian landscape that he had spent several years restoring. Nestled into an existing grove of trees, we created an outdoor living and entertainment area that was shaded by a large, hovering roof. A cantilevered skywalk extends over the creek itself, providing unparalleled views of the sparkling waters as they make their way towards the Nueces River. We also provided ideas on how the renovation of the neighboring ranch house could better harmonize with the new pavilion.

Building something special in a remote location, with challenging site conditions can be very difficult.  HiWorks came into our project and saved the day.”
-Richard Brown, Ranch Owner

Tophill Addition

San Antonio, Texas

Midcentury houses are cool but often their kitchens are not designed for how most families use them today. We worked closely with the family to update and expand their kitchen and dining area. By exploring multiple design options we were able to arrive at an approach that met both their functional needs and their budget while also creating an outdoor screened dining area. The roof of this screened porch is designed to funnel prevailing breezes through the semi-enclosed space. It has allowed the family to experience and appreciate their backyard in a way not possible before.

“Novam culinam et verandam diligimus! AltaOpera nova spatia nobis dederunt ad fruendum non solum cibum sed etiam — mirabile dictu! — otium verum ac profundum.”
-Timothy O'Sullivan, Ph.D. Professor, Classical Studies

Country Lane Loft

San Antonio, Texas

There once was a house with an attic

That needed a guest room (nothing drastic).

We developed a design,

And ‘twas built there just fine,

And now guests have a place that’s fantastic.

Fort Stockton Community Theatre

Fort Stockton, Texas

Located literally “west of the Pecos”, Fort Stockton is a small community of about 8,000 people. Despite its size, the town has an active community theatre that for years has performed in a repurposed brick commercial building. We were asked to assist the group in identifying their functional needs and developing a concept for how those needs could be addressed architecturally. We developed a design that reused their existing structure while creating a new identity for the theatre that referenced both the existing downtown cityscape as well as the surrounding mesa landscape.


You all are absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for taking us on. Your creativity, talent, humor, insight, and the list goes on, amaze me. Finding you was my lucky day!”
-Alice Duerksen, Theatre Director

High Cotton Center*

Lubbock, Texas

The High Cotton Genesis center is a homeless assistance facility located on the site of a former cotton gin. After years of using the existing agricultural buildings and army surplus tents, the program grew to a point where a more coordinated architectural response was required. A design team that included HiWorks, Urbanist Design, Studio Outside and students from Texas Tech University’s Urban Tech program worked with Link Ministries, a faith-based non-profit, to develop a program and conceptual design for an expanded facility to connect those in need with facilities and programs to help Lubbock’s neediest. 

“You all have picked up on everything we value - from beauty to sustainability to sensitive response to the weather. We almost cried over the fact that you so perfectly ‘got it’!”
-Jane Henry, Board Member

*with Urbanist Design, Studio Outside and Texas Tech University

CherryWagon Neighborhood Coffee

San Antonio, Texas

When a former congressman from Guadalajara moved to San Antonio, he decided he wanted to create a different kind of coffee shop near his home in far north San Antonio. We helped him create an architectural language for this retail establishment that would sell wine, books and churros in addition to coffee. Although the materials and colors reference the nearby tan-colored strip malls and offices of the Stone Oak development in which it is located, its form is unique making it something of an icon within its otherwise unremarkable suburban landscape.

“Every time I see the project, I like it more and more.”

-José Luis Novales, Owner

Stone Oak Office*

San Antonio, Texas

After seeing the design of the CherryWagon project, the owner of the land behind it asked us to develop a concept for a speculative office building. The adjacency of these two buildings allowed us to create something unusual in a suburban retail district – an architecturally coordinated urban experience. Using similar materials and motifs as the café, we developed a building with a south-facing two-story circulation “porch” that provided both shade and access. The concept was then handed off to an associated architecture office who produced the construction documents for the project.

*with WestEast Design Group

Medina Pavilion

Medina County, Texas

A family with a small ranch just outside of Castroville asked us to design an outdoor pavilion for their home. Referencing their existing home, two lines of stone arches support a broad, overhanging roof that creates a shady gathering spot. From here the family will be able to cook, dine and entertain in a space where they can enjoy the prevailing breezes as well as the views of the rolling Rio Grande Plains. The floor of the pavilion is elevated both to afford better views as well as to prevent cattle from joining the family during their outdoor dinners.

Stinson Municipal Airport Control Tower*

San Antonio, Texas

In addition to being a training site for World War I pilots, “Stinson Field” was also the home of the first woman-operated flying school in the nation. Our design for improvements to its new control tower references this history by calling for a steel armature to be attached to the original design’s precast concrete panels. The form and articulation of this secondary structure references the construction of early aircraft and their fabric-clad skin. During the day the fabric-clad airfoil shapes read as abstracted interpretations of biplane wings. At night, these wings glow with internal LED illumination.

This project began as an "unreal" competition entry but when we won, it was transformed into a "real" project.

 with Work5hop and AJT Engineering

Green Eave Porch

Alamo Heights, Texas

We were asked by a family in Alamo Heights to develop a multipurpose outdoor performance / dining space to make better use of their back yard. After exploring multiple options, we developed a screen porch solution where built-in risers were pushed up against the existing house leaving an open space for a large dining table. We developed a perforated eave detail that would allow for the insertion of standard terra cotta pots that would then be planted to create a “green eave” if not a green roof. A rooftop telescope deck gives the client’s kids access to the universe.

TAMUG Academic Building*

Galveston, Texas

Located on a secondary island behind Galveston Island, Texas A&M University at Galveston offers a range of marine-oriented fields of study and is home to the Texas Maritime Academy. Ford, Powell & Carson reached out to us to assist in developing an initial conceptual direction for a new multipurpose academic building that would act as a gateway to the campus. The design acknowledges the maritime focus of the university while expanding the existing vocabulary of concrete hurricane-resistant structures that define the campus.  It also reinforces a central circulation axis of the campus master plan. 

*with Ford, Powell & Carson

Cross Bones Boathouse

Galveston, Texas

When two families together purchased a house on Galveston Island, they wanted to develop the property into a fun weekend retreat where their growing families could enjoy and interact with the cool waters of Galveston Bay. They asked us to design a boathouse that could accommodate a variety of leisure activities including swimming, sun bathing, fishing, cooking and dining. The open-air structure also had to incorporate a waterslide. The design needed to be fun while at the same time able to withstand the harsh climate of the Texas Gulf Coast.

Houston Mullet

Houston, Texas

A family asked us to reimagine the backyard of their home located near the Medical Center in southwest Houston. We were directed to create a more usable backyard that could be used by their family as well as for the entertaining of guests. We were also asked to create a “mother-in-law” suite above their existing garage footprint. We created a multi-level backyard experience that provided multiple centers of activity while also screening the backyard from a mid-rise office building located a block away – an urban condition that is unique to Houston. Business in the front. Party in the back.