The distinct edge between the west Texas town of Marfa and the surrounding Trans-Pecos grasslands has always fascinated us and we decided to investigate this condition further in a hypothetical design for a hose that fully exploited this and other conditions unique to Marfa.  Located on a standard lot on the north edge of town, the house is compartmentalized and can be used both as a secluded cabin and as a compound to host large group events.  The form of the large roof structure is engineered to harness cool summer breezes and deflect cold winter winds while at the same time collecting what rain that falls in the Chihuahuan Desert.

The design was awarded a Studio Award by the Texas Society of Architects and was featured in Texas Architect.


"They're dealing with an edge condition. They're exploiting the edge condition through architecture. They're really thinking about the moods of the landscape and how to engage those moods in different sensory ways."

-Wendell Burnett, Juror


*with Graham Beach and Jennifer Young