A mid-century house in central San Antonio had a sizable back porch but the lack of airflow and the existence of mosquitoes rendered the space essentially unusable. A screen porch was the obvious solution but the counterintuitive decision was made to actually reduce the size of the porch in order to make it more functional. By pulling one side of the screen porch away from the house prevailing breezes could more effectively flow through and cool the space. The addition of a built-in concrete bench and a hammock ensured that the space could be used throughout the year. The lines of the original house were maintained so that the addition felt like an integral part of the original structure.


"Our screen porch is amazing. It has allowed our family to spend time together outside in a way we never have before. Also, the architect who designed it was really hot."

-Clara Hightower, Owner

We also created a short video that talks a little about how the porch is used: