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The Season Finale Of "The Works"

the host of the host of "The Works" in his recording studio

Back in February I started an experiment.

After years of listening to podcasts I decided to try my hand at producing one myself. I invested in some recording equipment, set up a recording booth in my closet and went to work. In the ten months that followed I sought to tell some of the stories behind the buildings that define our lives. Each episode was a little different and I'd like to think each was a little better than the last. Episode 10 has just been released and I think it's one of the best yet.

It tells the story of how a century ago Dallas city leaders sought to build a plaza to memorialize their history. They did this, but then something happened that forever changed how that plaza was understood. So if you're on your way to or from work and have 18 minutes to spare, have a listen. I think you'll come away from the experience looking at something you though you knew in a completely different way.

And don't gorget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Season Two will be here before you know it...

When The Pope Came To Texas

image courtesy the San Antonio Express-News

It was a big deal last month when Pope Francis visited the United States. It was a really big deal when Pope John Paul II visited San Antonio back in 1987. For the ninth episode of The Works we tell the full story (for possibly the first time) of the agony and the ecstasy experienced by the young group of architects tasked with designing the grounds, altar and backdrop for the Pope's open-air Mass that was expected to draw 500,000 people.

So do have a listen and as always if you like what you hear, subscribe to it on iTunes where you can also rate the show and leave a review - two things that help other people find the show.

Stay tuned - this is the last episode before the exciting season finale...