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The Courthouses of Central Texas

Now Award Winning

I know what you're thinking.

The holidays were great but you didn't get that one gift you were wanting: you didn't get a copy of The Courthouses of Central Texas. But that's OK. Now's a great time to treat yourself by ordering a copy here or here.

Still looking for an excuse? Now you can justify your investment in the non-fiction book market with the knowledge that The Courthouses of Central Texas is an AWARD WINNING publication as the San Antonio Conservation Society has chosen it to receive a 2017 citation.

Obviously I'm flattered but I'm also looking forward to the spike in sales that will no doubt result, the book's resulting rise to the top of the New York Times Bestseller List and the ultimate adaptation of it into a hit Broadway musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

8 Minutes, 32 Seconds Of Fame

image courtesy Aaron Seward

image courtesy Aaron Seward

A few months ago I drove up to the Comal County Courthouse in New Braunfels to talk on camera about the importance of preserving the historic county courthouses of Texas. Through the magic of editing and CGI, the good folks at the Texas Society of Architects and Lost Pines Studios were able to make me look slightly less alien and sound slightly more articulate.

At any rate, the video is now available online and can be seen on the brand-spanking-new Texas Architect website.


There is no such thing as bad publicity

This image may or may not have been altered

It's been three months since The Courthouses of Central Texas was released. Publishing a book is not like releasing a movie where you instantly know weather or not the endeavor has been a success. The process of selling books is much, much slower. My editor once told me that if the original run of 1,200 copies are sold out within three years, they will consider it a success. 

So that means I have a lot of selling to do. It also means I have to pace myself.

In addition to the various book signings and lectures I have planned, I also rely on reviews to help get the word out. A nice one was published a few days ago and Texas Architect ran one in their most recent issue. The Architect's Newspaper ran one last month which wasn't really a review of my book so much as it was an airing of the critic's own insecurities.

The next logical step of course is to seek out celebrity endorsements.


PechKucha San Antonio Volume 18

image courtesy of Vicki Yuan who took this photo with my phone whilst I was speaking

Back in May I had the opportunity (i.e. someone cancelled at the last minute) to speak at a PechaKucha event in San Antonio. I've done things like this before - basically you have twenty slides that automatically advance every twenty seconds. String eight speakers together and you have a pleasant evening of people talking briefly about the interesting things they are doing in their lives.

As a speaker, these are some of the most challenging talks to give. On the one hand, you want to keep things conversational. On the other, every 20 seconds the slide changes regardless of if you are ready or not. It's very hard to choreograph informality.

Anyway, the video of the presentation is here. Enjoy.

So I was in Belton yesterday...

...which just happened to be where the Bell County Courthouse is located, which just happens to be the building featured on the cover of my new book, which I just happened to have an copy of in my car. Hilarity ensued.

In addition to using the opportunity to stage a cute photograph, I was also in town to meet with the Bell County Museum. We are planning on organizing an exhibition / lecture / book signing for the end of this year.

It is here

Over six years in the making, The Courthouses of Central Texas is officially released today. Published by the University of Texas Press, it is of course available from Amazon but is a little cheaper when ordered directly from the publisher itself.

So put that tax return to work, order yourself a copy (or five - the make great gifts), read it, look at the pictures and give positive feedback on it's Amazon page so maybe we can get all 1,200 copies printed.

I thank you.