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Before And After

This is what the Keystone Central Quad looked like before...

The built landscape always exists in close proximity to the natural landscape. As such whenever we design a building we try and play close attention to how the architecture interacts with and is enhanced by landscape. Sometimes the landscape dominates the architecture and this is by design.

For the Keystone School Centra Quad project we worked with Studio Balcones of Austin to that to create an outdoor learning environment that would act as the beating heart of the private school located in the Monte Vista neighborhood of San Antonio. We're really proud of how the built part of the project turned out, but we're even more proud of the landscape. The transformation is truly remarkable and Studio Balcones recently posted a series of "before-and-after" photos that clearly illustrate how much of a difference the new quad has made.

...and this is what it looks like now.

Go Keystone Cobras. Go us.