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I am Brantley. Hear me tweet.

Believe it or not, I was an early adopter of Facebook. It turns out I was in grad school at Princeton when Zuckerberg was at Harvard and initially you had to have an Ivy League .edu email address to join. I played around with it for a week or two before dismissing it on account that it was a waste of time. I thought, "Why would people want to spend all day posting irrelevant things about their life?"

Apparently around 1.4 billion people wanted to do this.

Anyway, I eventually was overwhelmed by the social tsunami that is Facebook and started actively maintaining my account. And so it is only natural that I also join this other new social media startup called "The Twitter". And so my official "handle" is @BrantleyWorks and you can follow, retweet or whatever it is one is you do on Twitter there.

Although I will no doubt be sharing some HiWorks-related news, it won't be an official HiWorks thing. There will also probably be a fair amount of book and podcast promotion going on so I decided to go with a handle that can relate to all the "work" that I am doing (I am oh so clever). Besides, some tool in Austin already claimed the "BHightower" handle and so that wasn't really an option.