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Earlier this year I mentioned we had started work on a master plan for Selwyn School up in Argyle, Texas. It was a busy summer but the team of architects, administrators, faculty members and students all worked together to create a campus design that fits the uniqueness of the school's approach to education as well as the uniqueness of the school's wooded site. We are all excited to start work on designing the actual buildings that will make up the campus.

On a purely personal note it was incredibly fun to finally have the opportunity to work professionally with Michael Malone and Audrey Maxwell of Malone Maxwell Borson Architects. Although we have been friends and colleagues for years and had always talked about trying to work together, Selwyn School represented our first opportunity to actually do so. Hopefully it will not be our last.

In the meantime, additional images describing our work on Selwyn School are now available on the website. Go Unicorns.

We have a school

Earlier this week I traveled up to Argyle, Texas to help lead a "kickoff visioning meeting" at the Selwyn School. Selwyn is a private K-12 school in Denton County that was originally located on a campus with buildings designed by O'Neil Ford. They have since moved and part of our challenge designers is to develop a master plan for their new campus that acknowledges that history while allowing them to take advantage of new opportunities afforded by a clean slate.

We're especially excited to be working together with Malone, Maxwell Borson Architects as well as Peter Brown Architects. Peter and I worked together back in the early 2000s when we were both at Perkins & Will in Chicago. Michael Malone and I became friends while serving for various committees at the Texas Society of Architects and have been looking for an opportunity to work together.

At any rate, Monday's session was all about downloading as much information as possible about the culture and history of the school as well as the hopes and dreams of its students, faculty and parents. Next week will continue to work with the administration to develop a cohesive strategy for growth that takes into account curricular goals as well as architectural realities.

The rest of the summer is going to be busy, but it's going to be fun.