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4 (Barely) Under 40

image courtesy Nicole Mlakar/Texas Society of Architects

So last year I was asked to speak at the Texas Society of Architects Annual Convention along with three other colleagues who were all at similar stages in their careers.  Even though it wasn't really an award, it was an honor and a great opportunity to get to know other professionals who are doing some really amazing work in Texas.  

Sarah Gamble of GO Collaborative in Austin is doing some really interesting work to engage the general public in community projects while at the same time teaching at UT Austin.  Karen Lantz of Full Circle|Enter Architecture has done some incredible design/build work in Houston including her own house that was featured in a New York Times.  Elizabeth Price of Upchurch Architects in Brenham has been highly involved in the AIA while at the same time being highly articulate about the challenges and opportunities of practicing in a small town.

Even though all four of us are in theory at similar places in our respective careers, our respective careers are incredibly diverse.  I think that's one of the exciting things about the architecture profession - the spectrum is wide.  Even though both my wife and I are architects, what we do radically different things on a daily basis and so have radically different things to complain about at the end of the day.

At any rate, an article describing the four of us appeared in the November/December issue of Texas Architect and the text can now be found online.