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Free publicity

image courtesy Kin Man Hui of the San Antonio Express-News

The San Antonio Express-News recently ran a story on seven architects to watch in the San Antonio area. The story was pitched as a story about five young architects to watch, but there ended up being more of us and none of us were all that young. Either way I was flattered to be included in the story. It was also really cool that I had knew or worked directly with nearly every other architect profiled. Tenna and I worked together at Lake|Flato and our daughters are friends. Tobin and I worked together at Lake|Flato as well and I helped him out on some of his early solo efforts. Patrick helped give me some advice about 3D printing and Jonathan and I are working together on the High Cotton project in Lubbock.

I thought the article was well written and the writer, Steve Bennett, did a great job of making me sound reasonable articulate. That said, the experience did teach me that standing at the edge of the frame of a photograph taken using a wide-angle lens adds at least 10 pounds.