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Little Free Library

HiWorks Builds A Library

OK, so technically it's not a real library but a mailbox-sized little free library that sits in our front yard. In case you're not familiar with the movement the idea is that you make available the books you've already read so that your neighbors and other passers-by can enjoy enjoy them as well. It's like the "take a book, leave a book” shelves in hotels and coffee shops. 

The design of our particular library references the form and color of our mid-century home in north-central San Antonio. Jay Louden of Work5hop (with whom we are collaborating on the Stinson Tower project) helped build it: Jay operated the table saw so that I still have the same number of fingers as I did when I started. The design and construction of the library itself was an anniversary gift to my wife a few weeks ago but we just received notification that our Little Free Library is officially registered.

I've always thought that doing a real, full-sized library would be a lot of fun so if you're looking for an architect to design you one of those, HiWorks now has experience in that market sector.