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This Poster Is Not For Sale


My Facebook feed contains a pretty diverse collection of posts. From friends who seem to constantly be on vacation to Russian trolls there are lots of things vying for my attention. One ad that caught my eye the other day was for a company that sells posters featuring the control towers of various airports from around the world. Of course I checked to see if they had one for Stinson Municipal Airport. They did not but since we have something to do with that particular project I thought I'd suggest an additional print be offered for sale. Please see above.

I realize there have been a number of Stinson blog posts in the last few weeks and I promise to return to my usual collection of random posts here in the coming weeks.

I am Brantley. Hear me tweet.

Believe it or not, I was an early adopter of Facebook. It turns out I was in grad school at Princeton when Zuckerberg was at Harvard and initially you had to have an Ivy League .edu email address to join. I played around with it for a week or two before dismissing it on account that it was a waste of time. I thought, "Why would people want to spend all day posting irrelevant things about their life?"

Apparently around 1.4 billion people wanted to do this.

Anyway, I eventually was overwhelmed by the social tsunami that is Facebook and started actively maintaining my account. And so it is only natural that I also join this other new social media startup called "The Twitter". And so my official "handle" is @BrantleyWorks and you can follow, retweet or whatever it is one is you do on Twitter there.

Although I will no doubt be sharing some HiWorks-related news, it won't be an official HiWorks thing. There will also probably be a fair amount of book and podcast promotion going on so I decided to go with a handle that can relate to all the "work" that I am doing (I am oh so clever). Besides, some tool in Austin already claimed the "BHightower" handle and so that wasn't really an option.