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Brantley in Boerne


As part of the "2015-2016 Courthouses of Central Texas World Tour", I'll be speaking in Boerne, Texas at the Patrick Heath Public Library this coming Saturday at 10:30am. Boerne is the county seat of Kendall County that has one of the oldest and most unique courthouses in the state. Although most counties tear down their an older courthouse to build a new one, in Kendall County the kept adding on to their 1870 structure (at least until they built a large annex across the street in 1998). This is in no small part due to the fact that the original structure was so solidly built by Latin-speaking German immigrant masons who represented a significant part of Boerne's early population.

At any rate, the Saturday talk will be followed by a book signing where I will be allowed to openly deface books within a public library. There is also an exhibit of some of the drawings that appear in the book on display in the library's gallery through the end of the month. The library building itself is pretty cool. Finished in 2011 by OCO Architects (now LPA), the library overlooks and features an outdoor screened-in reading room that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a library.