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Occasionally We Do Buildings, Too


Last month when I was doing a book signing in Houston I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a writer for Connection, the journal of the AIA Young Architects Forum. This particular issue focuses on how the built environment is consumed by architects and the public and the article I was interviewed for talks about my experience producing The Works podcast, writing The Courthouses of Central Texas and writing this blog (how meta). 

One thing we talked about during the interview that didn't make it into the article was the fact that all this "extracurricular" stuff takes time - the most precious and most scarce resource a small office has. As much as I enjoy the writing and the podcasting and everything else, the return on the investment isn't always clear. Ay, there's the rub.

Anyway, you can read the article online here.

Welcome to Hi.Works

So there are a lot of new things going on with HiWorks in 2016. We have a new office, a new phone number and a new website at a new web domain. Chances are if you're reading this post you're seeing the one (the new website) at the other (the new domain). There are probably some bugs and typos to be worked out but hopefully you'll find it's an improvement over the previous version. I finally got around to posting some of the work that we've done last year so be sure and have a look.

As for the blog, I've decided to give it a name. "HiLights" might be a little corny and not terribly original (The High Museum in Atlanta gives HIGHlight tours of their facility every Thursday through Sunday - that's where I stole the idea) but it's better than just calling it "The Blog". I think I was able to successfully migrate the content of the old blog over to the new site, but some of the links may have been broken. For what it's worth, the old blog will remain up in its original location.

Anyway, the content of the blog will remain the same and I look forward to continue to post whatever interesting news or observations seem to be worth sharing.