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The Armadillo

If you lived in a world where armadillos did not exist and suddenly had one thrust upon you, it would be natural to assume this bizarre thing was some sort of alien creature from another world. Indeed, it is an animal like no other.

Of course growing up in Texas the armadillo is merely a part of the normal landscape like bluebonnets and an overabundance of firearms. They are the butt of jokes (re: the Texas speed bump), an important part of the music scene (re: Armadillo World Headquarters) and can even be used as a musical instrument themselves (re: the incredibly disturbing charango).

At any rate, a fez of armadillos recently started hanging out in in the front yard of my in-laws home and like honey badgers, armadillos don't care. When I arrive to pick up my girls in the afternoon they are out and about rummaging around in the dirt for bugs to eat (the armadillos are the ones eating bugs - not my daughters). Unlike other animals, they don't seem to mind that that we are watching and taking pictures of them while squealing with joy (my daughters are the ones that are squealing - not the armadillos). They go about their business, protected as they are by their thick skin. And if they get into trouble, they merely roll up into a ball until the problem goes away.

We could learn a lot form the armadillo, regardless of what planet they come from.

I had a quintessential Texas moment the other day...

no armadillos were harmed in the creation of this blog post

On my way back from recent site visit in the Hill Country I came across an armadillo walking across the road. I slowed to allow it to pass and enjoyed the opportunity I had to observe this funny little walking anachronism.

What are armadillo's good for, you ask? Plenty. They're useful for studying leprosy as apparently they are one of the few non-human mamas that can contract the disease. Also, you can use a (deceased) armadillo to make a Charango, a guitar-like musical instrument.

Also, they are just plain cool.