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Moving On

I was going to stay up until midnight tonight - not so much to ring in the new year but to ring out the old one.

2016 was a rough year and its roughness was remarkably varied. Between the hail, the election and the brain tumor, it was hard to know which direction the sucker punch would come from next.

Of course on paper it was a good year for HiWorks. Financially we were prosperous even if artistically and philosophically we were somewhat less so. As architects we serve the needs of our clients but we also serve a greater public good. We need to do a better job of that next year. We need to live up to our potential and do what we said we were going to do: we need to build a better world since it's clearly not going to build itself. 

That's a tall order as there's a lot of work to do. When facing large challenges it's best to start with a good night's sleep.

So good night and good riddance to 2016. We'll see you next year.