image courtesy National Geographic

Last week my daughter Sammy brought home a children's book about Jane Goodall. We were very enthusiastic about her interest in the British primatologist as we've been trying to encourage her interest in individuals such as Goodall, Eileen Collins and others ever since an unfortunate event in which she removed a Duplo Cinderella from her command of a Lego ship because "girls can't be captains".

Anyway, it happens that Goodall is going to be speaking in San Antonio this week and so this instigated a scramble to see if we could locate tickets to the event. We did, whereupon we realized that Ms. Goodall is speaking at Trinity at the same time I'm going to be speaking at the San Antonio AIA. Not only did this revelation throw a wrench in our plans to empower our daughter, but it also put me in the awkward position of having to compete with Jane Goodall.

I tried to compile a list of reasons why people should go to my lecture as opposed to Jane Goodall's but I came up with nothing. The best I can do is be a consolation and so if you weren't able to get tickets to the Goodall lecture, feel free to come by the Center for Architecture at 6:00 on Thursday evening. I won't have anything to say about the social patterns of chimpanzees or about my tireless work as a conservationist, but I will share some pretty cool pictures of courthouses.