One of the things that I've noticed whenever I've written for a newspaper or magazine is that there is always a larger story that could be told. You can say a lot in 1,000 words, but there are invariably details, tangents and stray observations that have to be cut to create a tighter narrative. That's one of the reasons why I started The Works podcast so that some of these subjects could receive more attention in a slightly different medium. 

A case in point is the article I wrote for the newest addition of the Architect's Newspaper. It's a follow-up to a piece I wrote last year about the impact of the oil boom on the built environment of south Texas. That's a pretty narrow focus and as I was researching the topic I discovered plenty of other really interesting things about one particular town located in the heart of the Eagle Ford Play. The "bonus material" that didn't fit into the article became the basis  for the second episode of The Works, "A Tale of Two Cotullas."

There won't always be both a print and audio version of a particular story, but I'm finding it fascinating to learn what plays well in one medium versus another.