World View is a space tourism company that plans to offer interested parties a ride to the edge of space under a large high-altitude balloon.  At $75,000 a ticket, it's a bargain compared to most other ventures.  A ride on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, for example, will run you $250,000. I'm not going to be purchasing a ticket for either of these adventures anytime soon, but when I learned that World View was sponsoring a design competition to imagine a mission patch for its voyagers I thought I should give it a shot.

Mission patches go back to the early days of the Gemini program.  Usually designed with input from the crew, the best examples represented a bold representation of the mission while containing symbolic elements that tell a larger story.  Apollo 8, for example, was the first manned voyage around the moon and so its patch was comprised of a stylized "8" showing its path around the earth and moon.

With help from Julie Pizzo Wood and Christian Collins, we developed a concept that illustrated the World View "pod" being hoisted to the threshold of space by its helium-filled balloon.  Momentarily eclipsing the sunrise, the pod also frames eight stars, symbolizing the six passengers and two crew members who will be aboard each flight.

If you feel so inclined, please vote for our design (as you scroll, our design is about midway down on the left).  It does require you to register your email, but you can opt-out of inclusion on their mailing list.  

Even if we aren't going be be flying to space anytime soon, with your help, at least there is a chance that something we designed will be able to make the trip.