The door of the Hightower home

So as you've probably figured out by now, I am an architect.  My wife, Clara, is an architect.  My daughters, though not officially licensed architects at this time, are showing a disturbing predilection for the building trades despite the ongoing attempts of their parents to have them consider alternate and more financially rewarding careers as princesses and/or ponies.

It was thus with considerable concern that an additional crafter of the built environment recently took up residence in - or at least on - our home.  A house sparrow decided the wreath currently hanging on our front door was the perfect place to build a nest (Why is there a wreath on our front door in April, you ask? That is a good question and although I have my theories, specific inquiries should be directed toward Clara, whom I mentioned earlier). 

At any rate, this house already has too many architects and I fear we cannot accommodate another.