image courtesy Texas Monthly

Every year we try and produce at least two hypothetical designs. Last year we entered a couple of competitions including a design for the remaining structures from HemisFair '68 and a proposal for how to reuse the Astrodome. This year we looked skyward, designing a mission patch for a space tourism company and most recently, a new structure to house Houston's Saturn V rocket.

When I recently took my daughter to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston I was impressed by how good the restored Saturn V rocket appeared but was incredibly underwhelmed by the structure that was built to protect one of only three surviving spacecraft built to fly men to the moon. Surely one of the most impressive artifacts of 20th century engineering deserved a more fitting container. We certainly felt that way and so we endeavored to design one.

In the weeks since completing the design, we've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of press coverage we have received. We were especially flattered when a story about the proposal in Texas Monthly was posted above a story about Willie Nelson. Our modest proposal seems to have started a discussion which is as much as we could have hoped for.

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