As I've mentioned before, back in October I had the opportunity to speak at the 2013 TEDxSanAntonio event.  That video is now online and can be watched here.

Although there has been some recent backlash in the media about TED talks - the main complaint being that popularizing research belittles its importance and reduces the value of the research to its entertainment value - I think that criticism misses the point.  Speaking from my own personal experience, yes, I simplified some of my courthouse analysis for the audience, but in doing so I reached a much larger audience than I would have otherwise.  This phenomenon is not unique to TED - to effectively share any idea you invariably modify its delivery to most effectively communicate with your given audience.  And while condensing 5 years of research into 7 minutes obviously results in the loss of detail, for me it actually clarified some themes that had been lost when I was buried in the details.  

That is in itself an idea worth sharing.