logo courtesy TEDxSanAntonio

On October 12 I will be speaking at the 4th annual TEDx conference here in San Antonio, Texas.  I’m incredibly honored to have been selected to be a speaker and am looking forward to taking the stage at Rackspace to share some ideas about architecture.

I’ll be speaking about Texas courthouses and what they teach us about the importance of design.  This is a topic I’ve lectured on before but a TED talk is a very different kind of presentation.  The goal is not to convey as much information as possible but instead to convey to a diverse audience “an idea worth sharing”.  The act of condensing five years of research into 6 minutes has been a bit of a challenge, but in doing so I’ve been able to distill what is at the core of my fascination with these buildings. 

The script is mostly done and my plan is to spend these last few weeks refining it and my delivery.  Hopefully all will go well on stage.  Although tickets are no longer available, the event will be simulcast at several locations in San Antonio and an online webcast will be available here