Clara and I met in architecture school at UT Austin over twenty years ago. We started dating during the summer of 1998 when we both worked near downtown Austin. We'd meet for lunch and, well, one thing led to another.

After graduation we spent our mid-to-late twenties bouncing around the country pursuing jobs and graduate degrees before we both ended up is San Antonio and decided it was time to get married. And so on September 9, 2006, that's exactly what we did.

It's been a busy decade since then. We together left old jobs and we started new ones. We together made car payments and we made mortgage payments. We together had kids and we changed diapers - lots of diapers.

We together have sought to design a life for ourselves and our family. I suppose every family does that regardless of if they are architects or not. The life we together have created isn't perfect - nothing ever is - but it's been a really good run so far. I know my life has been vastly improved by the fact that I've been able to share it with such a good friend / lover / wife / fellow parenting / partner in crime.

It's been a fun ten years so far. I look forward to the next ten years together and all the adventures it might bring.