When I was in junior High I had a season pass to Six Flags Over Texas. The amusement park was designed and built in the early 1960s and was based on Disneyland and like the park in California, the one in Texas was organized into different themed areas. At Six Flags these areas were based on the different eras of Texas history. This subject matter also informed the naming of the rides.

Take, for example, the park's oldest wooden roller coaster, the "Judge Roy Scream". It's name is actually a pun that references Judge Roy Bean. Bean was a frontier Justice of the Peace who was the self-proclaimed "Law West of the Pecos" in the closing decades of the 1800s. His story is an interesting one, as is the story of pretty much everyone who decides to light out for the territory and live out west.

In this month's episode of The Works I tell his story as well as that of the man who is the superintendent of the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center in Langry, Texas.

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